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Monday, July 16, 2018
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Monroe United Methodist Church

$10 per person




      Internationally acclaimed, Debbie and Mike Gardner, have been featured in: numerous newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs, authored 3 books and participated in a White House Conference on  School Safety hosted by President and Mrs Bush.  They teach nice people to have a SWITCH that makes them courageous and if necessary, dangerous on command!

    The Gardners are delightfully different!  They will keep you on the edge of your seat learning, laughing and letting go of ineffective safety and self defense rhetoric.  You and your family are in for an inspiring, confidence building update that is simple, healing and possibly life-changing.Whether your challenge is abduction,street robbery, home invasion, dating violence, rape prevention, travel safety, or active shooter, you need a few principles that control your fear and stop the violence with  precise words and actions, and SURVIVE what you cannot prevent.

   Powered by “LOVE” the Gardner’s instill Courage, Rights and a proven effective 3” Word Safety Plan” you’ll easily understand, remember and teach others, including:


•             How to break the FREEZE of fear and activate extraordinary STRENGTH

•             Why most self defense tips are ridiculous for survival

•             The difference between the 4 KINDS  of attackers and their 3 separate goals

•             Legal, moral and emotional validation for fighting physically for your life.

•             The ONE and only strike needed to stop even a drugged assailant

•             One additional choice to survive a GUN or KNIFE attack

•             Why most self defense products do not work

•             How to empower your kids with real life-saving tools...immediately!




On-line registration coming soon.  Invite your friends and family.

This seminar is recommended for ages 12 to 100.

For more information, please see Ann Copeland or any member of the Congregational Health Ministry Team.

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