Monroe United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Slinky - Stretching our minds and bridging school to the future.  

The image of a slinky in motion is clear. Such a toy teaches a child a multitude of lessons. Perhaps the first couple of lessons learned is how delicate some things are and how proper care helps to make things last longer. Still, the temptation to swap a slinky from hand to hand remains, as its just so cool to watch it reform itself with the aid of gravity.
In a sense, that’s what we try to encourage our students to do at the Slinky Tutoring Center - to “reform” their way of thinking by making learning a fun, positive experience. New students get the full introduction, as we show them how far a slinky can stretch
(15’ before it bends) and how it resembles a bridge.

Whatever their unfortunate situation or life obstacle, we know that with prayer and hard work, they can get through it and define their own sure path. To help them see the importance of education, our tutors show them the love of Jesus by giving the children a positive outlook. Not only are they motivated to be self starters, but they are given the means to carry out a plan.

Amanda UMC and Monroe UMC is proud to continue serving the elementary students in the Middletown City School District. Since September 2017, the two congregations have been combining discipleship, education, and growth. Due to the success of improved academics and positive feedback from teachers and parents, we will persevere in this important outreach mission. If you would like to be part of this amazing two-fold ministry (enjoying the blessings of BEING a blessing), contact Gina Craft at or call her at 937-514-3793 for details.